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About me

About this blog

I put up this blog basically to showcase photos of Vienna to my loved one(s) abroad.
Don’t expect highly artsy masterpieces here – creating this kind of art is not my intention, I rather want to show off simple every day impressions from this city.
If, for whatever reason, you fall in love with a photo and want a bigger version, just drop me a line. I’ll gladly provide either a high resolution JPEG or the actual RAW data if you ask really nicely.

About me

Born in Hamburg, Germany in ’75, I spent some time in Paris, France around the age of 14.
Moved to Vienna in ’91 with big plans to return to Hamburg right after High School.
These plans were altered a bit so I wanted to return after College.
Well… Obviously I have fallen in love with this little town so I’m still here and only the greatest force known to man could remove me from here – but that force easily could.
After dropping out of College (University of Business Administration) for the most obvious reason (economics suck big time!), I worked for a tiny company in Vienna that specializes in planning all the major medical trade shows all across Europe. My time there was mostly fun but after way more years that I wish it were, things became too tedious since we were too few people.
Joined Austria’s biggest private internet provider twelve years ago and work as a network engineer in the network operation center aka NOC.
Now I monitor what feels like a trillion network devices and still have quite some time to update this blog.

My private interests

  • Photography (surprisingly, I know)
    I started with a Canon 1000D aka Rebel XS in late summer 2011. It’s a really nice camera for a beginner but it absolutely didn’t satisfy my need for technical shenanigans – come on, I’m a techie!
    So I sold that one and got myself a Sony A55. Love her! Now I have GPS (yay!), an electronic viewfinder (yay!) that displays an electronic gauge (yay!) and can shoot up to 10 frames per second (YAY!!!!).
    None of this obviously made me a better photographer but… I enjoy it more.
  • Music
    I absolutely love music. And of course, I have the very best taste in music one can imagine.
    Being one of the biggest fans ever of Joy Division, I naturally listen to many things post punk these days.
    My very favorite bands are The Editors, We were promised Jetpacks, The National and Interpol. Good Electronica like Portishead and The Prodigy are also among my favorite breed of music.