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Cambridge in Colour
If I had to pick THE site to learn everything one needs to know about the technical aspects of photography, this would be the one I’d recommend.

Digital Photography Review
A source of knowledge regarding anything digital camera.
Standardized tests of the newest equipment, a nice forum – be sure to visit if you haven’t been there yet.

Strictly Sony / Minolta.
But if you own one, there’s no better site on the whole web. An extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable community.
Also offers a huge(!) database on lenses.

While it’s a .de domain, the site is still in English.
They also offer a huge amount of lens reviews for all mounts.

In general a very good site sharing lots of tests and general articles on photography.

Similar to the ones previously mentioned.
Also very, very comprehensive.

‘The sharpest aperture’ by Ken Rockwell
This is some serious shit. Find circles of confusion confusing? Then don’t dare clicking that link.

’50 incredible photography techniques’ by Smashing Magazine
Just a great read when you’re into photography.
Make sure to visit Smashing Magazine as well – a great online mag on design.


The Editors on myspace
Go. There. Now. And. Listen.
If you had some love for the greatest band of all times (which is Joy Division, of course), you HAVE to love them too.
They were kind enough to put some of their best songs on myspace for free.

Interpol on myspace
Everything I said about Editors is true for Interpol as well.
Only their lyrics. They, well, they actually do suck a lot.

We were promised Jetpacks on myspace
Post punk can’t get better. Period.
They’re from Edinburgh and singer Adam Thompson has this really great Scottish accent in his amazing voice.

Personal stuff

Vienna Expats
The most friendly community of Expats living in Vienna. (I know, that was a no-brainer)
If you qualify as one, make sure to sign up, meet up with us and get seriously drunk enjoy hours of sophisticated talk about culture, modern art, opera and quantum physics, of course.

I hate my message board
This chick is great. Second best humor on an XX genes phenotype I have ever seen in my whole life.
She is into the more concerning food items such as – a whole chicken in a can! YUM!!!


I am in no way related to the makers of any linked website.
When I last visited them, they were as described by me.
If to my surprise one of them should host a fascist race hate anti-gay child porn site instead, please let me know and I’ll immediately remove that link.